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Are you ready to start your healthy lifestyle and slimming journey? 

Are you ready to follow our Flexi Guide Programme which is based on healthy and flexible eating to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle? 

If you are ready, we have all that you need to help you succeed!

Learn how to lose weight in a healthy and balanced way. Eat healthy and delicious food not only to lose weight but also, for a good mood! We believe in eating healthy food but, we also believe in no food restrictions whatsoever. We do not show you how to diet. We show you how to make it a lifestyle. If you want to lose weight and make it a lifestyle, contact us for more info or read below. We offer online coaching and balanced, flexible meal plans to help you succeed on your healthy lifestyle and weight loss journey. We love helping and seeing you succeed on reaching your desired healthy weight for your success is our success!

About The Flexi Guide...

The Flexi Guide is a healthy lifestyle and weight loss guide with useful information and tips on what you should do to start losing weight and be successful on your journey. On this guide you will find a Weight Tracker and a Meal Planner which you will surely find very handy during your healthy lifestyle and weight loss journey. On the Flexi Guide, you will also get various meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack/treat ideas as well.

This guide is practically a complete and essential guide to help you lose weight with a healthy lifestyle and not a boring diet full of restrictions. In fact, our Flexi Guide was created especially for all those wishing to lose weight for good, without any strict dieting or any food restrictions. Therefore, on this guide, you will also find an example of a healthy Meal Plan with some treats to enjoy too.

Our 3-Month Weight Loss Programme

To help all those who want to succeed on their healthy lifestyle and weight loss journey, we created an effective 3-Month Weight Loss & Healthy Lifestyle Programme. In fact, when you buy our Flexi Guide’s Weight Loss Programme, you will get:

- The Flexi Guide

- Personalised Advice on Carbs and Protein Intake for Weight Loss

- The Special Event & The Back on Track Meal Plans

 -1-on-1 Online Coaching & Weekly Follow Ups on Messenger or WhatsApp for 3 Whole Months

 - An EXTRA 28-Day Ready Made Meal Plan with Delicious Food and Easy Meals!

But, that's not all! 

All those who buy our 3-Month Programme are also being invited to join our private Flexi Guide Facebook group and chat for more online help and support for FREE. Our private Flexi Guide group is called Flexi Guide (Malta) and is only available to our Flexi Guide Clients.

If you want help, support, personal advice, delicious meal plans with no food restrictions, and want us to monitor your weight every week to lose weight once and for all, our Flexi Guide Programme is the Best Programme for you.

Price of our Flexi Guide 3-Month Weight Loss Programme: €75

To buy our programme, kindly contact us by sending us a private message on Facebook. In your message, please write that you are interested in our Flexi Guide Programme together with your address and mobile phone number so that we will be able to contact you for the delivery of your Flexi Guide & Meal Plans. We accept payments by Revolut, BOV or cash on delivery.

Should you wish to receive the Flexi Guide & Meal Plans by email, instead of by delivery, send us a private message on Facebook with your email address after you send the payment of €75 by Revolut or BOV on 79836375 so that we’ll help you get started on your journey right away!

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The Flexi Guide and the 28-Day Meal Plan are both available in Maltese and in English. Kindly let us know which language you prefer when you contact us to start. Please also note that when you buy our Flexi Guide Meal Plans and/or any of our pdf files or services found on this website, you are paying for information, tips and advice to help you lose weight. Therefore, please note that these are non-returnable items. Thank you.

The products and material found on this website are not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent a specific disease or class of diseases. You should consult your family doctor if you are experiencing a medical problem and/or you're taking medicine, before you start your slimming journey.

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